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Uthando: Uthando stood up and cracked his back, and let out a mighty yawn. His brain was crawling with ideas for something to do today, but one stood out in particular. His little golden lioness. He wondered if she was still inprisoned in the Westland prison dens, as he still had unfinished business. His leg had healed enough to walk and run a bit, and his face healed up as much as it was going to, leaving nasty scars all over his maw and across his face. He was quite a scary sight now. He slunk to the prison dens and made his way inside. Perfect. His lioness was still inside, but she was not moving. He moved closer and nudged her with a paw, to see if she was asleep.

Jode: Jode felt a paw nudging her and slowly woke up " oh man. What a headache. " she looked at the lion who nudged her and her eyes widened in horror " no, not you!" She said as she slowly got up and backed always a bit. Her chin and back hurts like heck. She was still heavily pregnant so she couldn't fight him as it would hurt the cubs.

Uthando: "Why hello there, darling. Long time no see..." he sneered. His line of vision moved to that of her belly. "Wh-what it that?" he asked calmly, with  a hint of anger rising in his voice. If that's what he thought it was, oh he would be furious. He inched closer to her, as if to investigate.

Jode: Jode couldn't help but grin " I'm pregnant, what does it look like? Your to late as I'm no longer in a heat. " she shook her head " I can't believe your here. What are you going do?" She asked  trying to sound brave and not scared. She wanted nothing more than to hurt him, she winced as she felt a kick.

Uthando: The fact that somebody got to her first was enough to send him into a rage, but the fact that she had an ATTITUDE on top of it was even worse. He roared, and paced in a circle, trying to think of what to do next. Then an idea formed in his head. Male lions could kill a cub to send the mother back into a heat. All he would have to do is wait for her to HAVE the cub. "You'd be back into heat if longer had a cub." he said, a dark expression plaguing his face.

 Jode: Jodes eyes widened " you wouldn't. They are my cubs, I know I didn't have a choice to do it but I love them. And if you lay a single paw on them I swear I'll rip your throat." She growled. Hoping he would by the bluff because by the time she does give birth she would be very tired and couldn't fight.

Uthando: He raised an eyebrow and smiled. "You? RiP MY throat? Don't make me laugh!"  He sat down, looking amused. "How would you intend on taking down a huge male, dear?" he asked

 Jode: Jode cursed herself, she thought he would by the bluff but he was to smart. She just glared at him, he wouldn't dare harm her cubs. She loved them to much even though she was forced to do it. She wanted to make a comeback but had none so she turned her head.

Uthando:He moved closer, and sniffed at her belly. "Tell me, who is the father? I'll have his head!" He was furious somebody had gotten to her before he did, he had CLAIMED her, he marked her.

 Jode: Jode rolled her eyes " well I hate to give you bad news hun, but the father is probably long gone by now. I never even got his name. I even forget what he looks like. And you can't make me go into another heat. Don't you understand? The heat from this area has passed. " she sighed.

Uthando: He snarled at her attitude. "If you value your life, and your cub's life, you watch your tongue around me!" he thundered. "And that can be easily fixed. I'll just wait for you to come into heat again, never let you out of my sight!" he roared.

 Jode: Jode gulped " please, don't hurt my cubs. I love them. Just don't hurt them, I don't care if I was forced to do it. And never leave my site? Like what be my guard instead of those other ones? " she asked getting a little nervous.

Uthando: "No, not like a guard. While you'd be protected from others, you wouldn't be protected from me...and with that mouth of yours that isn't a good thing." he said, looking at his claws idly. She didn't know he didn't plan on touching the cubs. He wanted her, not them. But he could use them to get into her head.

 Jode: Jode looked at him " why do you want me so badly? There are other lionesses in the West. What did I ever do to you that made me a target? " she asked

Uthando: "You simply got away. I wanted YOU at that moment in the jungle. But you escaped, and I always get what I want. The fact that you escaped made the drive to catch you even higher." He said simply. He paused. "Think of it as a game...yes, a game where you are the prize, but also the mouse in the game of chase."

 Jode: Jode growled " I am not a prize to be won! I'm not a prize to anybody. This is no game for me, I'm starting to go insane here. I don't want to see you again! Just go away and leave me alone." She said firmly with her eyes narrowed.

Uthando: "How will you go about making me leave? You're very far along in your pregnancy, you can't run far and you can't take me on. I am staying here, darling." He said simple, and plopped onto his side. "I'll keep you company."

 Jode: Jode sighed knowing there was no way of making him leave at this point. She was heavily pregnant and due any day now. She felt a few more kicks and winced.

Uthando: He smirked, knowing he'd won this round. "Well I might aw well get to know you, as I won't be leaving soon. What's your name, darling?" he asked, somewhat smoothly.

 Jode: Jode looked at him " if you must know. It's Jode. "She said simply. She was hoping not to give away anything else

Uthando: He smiled at the mention of her name. "Jode..." he let it set on his tongue for a moment. "Jode, what a lovely name you have."  a dark smile came on his face. "You'd love to be rid of me, wouldn't you Jode?" he asked

 Jode: Jode nodded " yes please just leave me alone. I don't want to have to deal with you while I'm pregnant. I can't do anything right now because it might hurt the cubs. " she sighed " doubt you'd want to hear of my past. " she shook her head sadly.

Uthando: "Well I do n't feel like leaving." he plainly stated. His anger seemed to calm down now that he knew she wasn't able to fight back, and he could do what he wanted. "Please, do tell. I'm in need of a story, I'm particularly bored."

 Jode: Jode looked at him " not like you'd care or feel sorry for me. But here goes." She started to tell her story again " I was born in a pride far from the Pridelands. My mother and father were the king and queen yes I was a princess next in line for the throne. I had two siblings a sister and a brother. " she paused. She then shook his head " I had everything I wanted family, friends. But it was taken away from me. One day a fire completely destroyed my homeland. Killing everyone I knew and loved." She sighed sadly closing her eyes. " I ran all the way till I was at the Pridelands. And I lived there by myself till this all happened." She said half lying about being adopted by Mosi.

Uthando: He pondered her story, looking down at his pars, then back at her. "That is unfortunate. My story is somewhat familiar. I was born far from the westlands, my pride was full of brutes. Much like the west. But I wasn't involved. I wouldn't kill, I wouldn't even hurt anybody. There was this female who stole my heart, and I loved her deeply." He paused, and sort of winced as if it hurt to talk about her. He continued on. "She was against fighting as well. But my father threatened to kill me if I didn't show violence. I was the heir, after all. He forced me to kill a teenage lion who entered the pride. My love had seen it, and wouldn't have anything to do with me. She thought I was one of THEM." He growled and raised his voice in anger on the last part, before trying to calm down again. "She tried to leave, but my father beat her. He beat her until she couldn't move, let alone leave...he stood over her, and I tried to hit him with a clawed fist as hard as I could...he moved, and I hit her instead...killing her instantly." he said, quietly. He closed his eyes and looked down, as if already regretting what he was about to say. "Then I let go. I became what I always hated. A killer. I didn't care anymore. I took part in the wars we had to take over prides, I killed cubs in front of their mothers...I grew out of the hatred for it. But then my father started a war we could not win, most of the pride was being massacred, so I fled, and ended up here."

 Jode: Jode couldn't believe what she had just heard from his past, she kinda felt bad for him. Forced to kill a teenaged lion who entered the pride, then killing the lioness he loved by accident. She sighed " I'm sorry to hear that. I don't really like to fight myself as I'm not much of a fighter. It must've been horrible to kill someone you loved even by accident. I can't believe I'm saying this but I feel bad for you. I'm sorry what you had to go through." She sighed.

Uthando: He sighed, and looked down once more. "It's in the past. Nothing I can do now. It doesn't even matter. i hate females now anyway." He said in a low, quiet voice.

 Jode: Jode was then confused " then why are you still after me and wanted to mate with me when I was in a heat in the jungle?" She asked

 Uthando:"...." He paused a minute to think on that. "Because, females have to be put in their place...and with you, I can't explain my fixation with you and only you."

 Jode:Jode sighed " females don't have to be put in their place while they are in a heat. We females like to take things slow, find someone we care about and love. Then when we are ready, mate with them." She smiled a little. Maybe if she could keep talking like this she could try and have him break her out.

Uthando: "That's not what I learned when i ran away from my pride." he said, he was doing well at keeping himself calm, however. "The females who came from my pride were always slapped around by the large males when they were in heat. And when I ran away, I was captured by a band of females who were in heat like you wouldn't believe. They locked me up and did terrible things to me!" he raised his voice, and dug his claws into the ground.

 Jode: Jode now felt really bad for him, it must've been awful having to go through what he had. " that must've been awful. I can't imagine what it was like. I'm really sorry if I brought up such a painful past but now you can start a brighter future. Doesn't matter if it's the past, I learned from someone is the past can hurt but you can either run away from it or learn from it. It's the past, " she sighed.

Uthando: "I am perfectly fine where and how I am in life at the moment. I don't need a brigher future." He said plainly, and rather stubornly. While it was true he wasn't happy, he knew things couldn't get better for a brute like him. He'd ruined too many lives as it was. You just couldn't reverse something like that.

 Jode: Jode sighed sadly " I understand. Your a Westlander. Me? I was a proud pridelander that was taken by force away from my home. I don't know how long I've been here. Only that I know is that in have reached the point where I am a young adult. It feels like forever, my father is worried sick about me. " she muttered the last part.

Uthando: "They'll move on. They always do..." he snarled, thinking about the past again. "I've learned that no matter what happens, you move on. Who's your father anyway?" He asked.

 Jode: Jode growled " I don't believe you, my father would never forget about me. So don't you dare say that. And why would I tell you? That information I'm not giving out." She said firmly. If she said prince Mosi was her adoptive father then she would be in big trouble and he would to.

Uthando: "Well if he's not of status, there would be no reason NOT to tell me. He's important, isn't he?  You wouldn't have gotten so defensive if he was not." he said, smugly.

 Jode: Jode couldn't help but gulp at that, she felt stupid " I'm still not telling you. There is no way I'm telling who my adoptive father is." She snarled

Uthando: "Fine, fine. Be that as it may, I have ways of finding out.... No need to get so deffensive. As you may recall I haven't raised my voice towards you this whole conversation." he briskly reminded her.

 Jode: Jode blinked, he did have a point. Not once during this entire conversation did he raise his voice at her. He hasn't even attempted to slap or hurt her yet either. She was confused by that. She was curious " why hadn't you? Usually you do by now if I make some attitude to you. " she sighed.

Uthando: " When I'm not angry, I tend not to ACT angry. Wouldn't that make sense?" he asked. He laid his head on his paws, contemplating. Usually this female angered him, but that was not the case right now. He was confused himself.

 Jode: Jode sighed " I guess so. " she then licked her belly as she felt another kick " easy little ones. Be nice with mommy." She chuckled. " being pregnant is a pain." She shook her head.

Uthando: "I wouldn't know." he said. What a peculiar relationship mothers had with unborn cubs. "How can you love them when they haven't been born?" he asked, being surprisingly conversational. That was unlike him.

 Jode: Jode smiled and licked her belly again " I love them, even though they haven't been born. I still love them they are my children. Granted they were forced onto me but nonetheless I still love them. I feel two cubs in here. Call it a mothers intuition. I haven't exactly picked out names yet but I will soon enough." She explained.

Uthando: "Huh...weird." love was a foreign thing to him, even though it was his namesake. Uthando meant love, but life was a tragic game and the only love he ever knew was the mercy his parents had for not killing such a weak cub, and that of the lost love he'd never have. " a weird thing too."

Jode: Jode nodded " I agree. It is weird, I had a crush in a lion for a while. And when I finally got the guts to tell I love him, he was seeing another lioness. I felt heartbroken, I thought he was the one for me, I don't know that many males in the Pridelands." She sighed.

Uthando: "At least he isn't dead..." he said, as he laid his head on his paws. He blew at a leaf in front of his nose. Oh what he would do to see her again, to never have felt his paw strike her delicate face. If he could have taken her place that day, he would have.  He grunted in discomfort of the thought.

Jode: Jode looked at him " sorry if I brought up a painful past for you. " she didn't know why but she was getting comfortable around him, no! Why was she thinking that? He is a Westlander she shouldn't be feeling these kind of things like this. She sighed and laid her head on her paws. She had so many cuts and bruises on her it was painful. " I just want to go home." She said softly.

Uthando: He looked at her. "It's fine." he grunted. "You know you can't leave..." he sighed. "Ironic...I came here to give you hell and end up talking the day away." he said,a s he shook his mane. "Life is funny like that."

Jode: Jode couldn't help but giggle at that " yeah life is funny, you can never know what could happen. " she the sighed " I know I can't leave. This 'cell' is torture. I haven't been able to stretch my legs or go take drink at a fresh waterhole or eat a proper meal. The meals they give us are okay but I'd like some zebra or something." She explained " for the cubs to be healthy when they are born."

Uthando: "If they caught me sneaking food in here, they'd skin me alive." he said, even though she didn't even ask him to get food for her. "Maybe youll get out when this damn war is over. Whenever that'll be." he sighed, not that the war affected him in any way. He just thought it was stupid. Suma never even told them WHY the war was happening.

Jode: Jode sighed " this war is just stupid in my opinion. I mean what's the point?  I don't get it. I just want to go home so badly. Be with my adoptive father and have a nice meal. " she said sadly. " but I can't. I tried to escape last night but got caught and got these scars under my chin and on my back as punishment." She shook her head.
Uthando: He just looked at her. Was he feeling guilty for the scars he gave her? Perhaps. Why did he have to stay and have a conversation? He had SOME heart. Maybe a small bit but it was there. She was softening him up, but he tried to fight it. He simply grunted, and turned his head.

 Jode: Jode sighed knowing it would be a long time if not impossible for her to get out of here, she might as well become a Westlander if she's not going to be able to go home. But that would mean that she would only betray her pride. And be exiled, she didn't want that. She winced as she felt another kick. " I don't know what to do now. I don't know how long I'll be here. I may as well be called a Westlander already for being here so long." She growled

Uthando: "That's life, it's never ideal, is it?" he asked. "But you're always a part of your pride even if you aren't there. You'd only be a Westlander if Suma decided you would be one, or if you married a Westlander..."

Jode: Jode shivered " no way am I marrying a Westlander. And I'm not jointing this pride because Suma said so. I'm a proud pridelander and always will be. " she looked at him " your never going to stop looking at me or trying to get me is that right?" He asked raising her eyebrow.

Uthando: His ears flicked up at that. His obsession hadn't really curbed, he still wanted her. But not neccessarily to produce cubs at the moment. "You know, it's not that bad here..." he said, avoiding the question.

Jode: Jode looked around " keeping prisoners here against their will and forcing to breed? Yeah it's really not that bad here." She said sarcastically.

Uthando: He rolled his eyes. "If you were to become a westlander. The outside isn't that bad...I meant." he corrected himself. "And not everybody here is a monster like me." he stated

Jode: Jode glared at him " if your thinking that I'm going to betray my pride you can forget it. I'm not becoming a Westlander. I would get exiled, and my father would be ashamed of me." She said.

Uthando: "What if you have no choice? Suma has no intentions on letting you all out any time soon."  He stated. "You're pretty loyal,aren't you?"

Jode: Jode growled " I am loyal. But only loyal to the Pridelands  not Suma. They can't make me change prides. I won't let them harm my cubs. You can forget it." She glared.

Uthando: "You forget, Suma can dp what she wants. She could kill the cubs, and you. Her lands, her laws." He paused. "I don't neccessarily agree with them, but they are her laws."

Jode: Jode felt tears come to her eyes when she heard that. The last thing she wanted was harm come to her cubs, and she didn't want to die. She realized that she was never going home, " I'll be called a traitor and be exiled from my pride if I do. We are at war and any Westlanders will and can be killed on neutral lands by the pridelanders." She explained breathing heavy.

Uthando: "Calm down, jeez...they'd know you had no choice. I'm sure they'd take you back if they knew what happened. That is...if you go back." He looked at her from behind his mane, he wanted to make sure she wasn't going to go back, but still offer reassurance. She would be his in due time.

Jode: Jode looked at him " why are you being this nice to me right now? Offering me to join your pride? If they'd know but how? Like a messenger? I'm confused " she panted as she tried to calm down because she knew being stressed was not good for the cubs.

Uthando: "You'll come to learn I'm never kind, I do things that will help me get what I want..." he said quietly. That wasn't the whole truth though. Something in him enjoyed having a bit of company-company that couldnt run away from him if they didn't like what they heard. She was rather easy to talk to.

Jode: Jode opened her mouth then closed it again, she was confused on what to do. She was so glad she wasn't in a heat anymore. She sighed deep " and let's say if I do join what would you be doing? Be there with me?" She asked hesitantly while biting her lip.

Uthando:"Depends on what you mean by 'be there' with you." He smirked. He was slowly formulating a plan in his head that would make it to where she would be with him whenever he wanted.

Jode: Jode put a paw to her head and slowly rubbed it " I don't know. Like a m- " she sighed. " like a ma " she tried again " like a mate?" She asked quietly.

Uthando: A sneaky smile went over his face. "Perhaps..." he said. "Don't sound so disgusted. It wouldn't be all that bad for you either."

Jode: Jode sighed sadly and put her paw down " I'll. have to think about it. I just can't believe what I am saying, this goes everything on what my adoptive father told me. I'm not a traitor. But I have no choice as suma is not letting me go anytime soon. You'll never get me to tell his name though." She growled. She couldn't believe the words that were coming out of her mouth.

Uthando: "Like I said darling....I have my ways." he said calmly. "But it wouldn't be as bad as you think. You'd become a Westlander, no longer bound by this prison. You'd be safe in the pride and raise your cubs healthily."

Jode: Jode sighed again and stared at the ground, she could raise her cubs healthy. Rather then be stuck in this 'cell' and they would have no freedom. She paused " and what are your ways?" She asked curiously.

Uthando: "Our ways? What do you mean?" he asked. He doodled in the dirt with a claw, boredly.

Jode: Jode rolled her eyes " I mean you said you had your ways of me telling who my father is. I'd like to know what it's is." She said.

Uthando: "Well I don't have to tell you, now do I?" he snickered. He had her where he wanted. See how she likes it to have things kept from her.

Jode: Jode looked at him and shook her head " a couple of questions. What's Suma like? I never really interacted with her. Also what is the Westland like? If and I'm saying if I become on of you?" She asked

Uthando: "I've never spoken to Suma, only listened to her dictations for the Pride. She's strict, but if you do what she says and stay out of her hair, you should be fine. She killed her mother and exiled her father. She's nothing like King Viza was. He kept this place nice for awhile." he stated. "The westlands are ok if you stay away from the lions you don't like. Not everybody here is a jerk."

Jode: Jode raised her eyebrows " like who? Who isn't a jerk here?" She asked wanting more questions answered.

Uthando: He smirked at her question, even though she was being serious. "Funny. I wouldn't know them personally, but contrary to popular belief this place is filled with lions from tragic backgrounds that MADE them the way they are. Nobody is a jerk the moment they were born. Even I was a good guy once."

Jode:: Jode sighed " you do have a point. It's who you are that makes us who we are today. We are who we choose to be. It's our choices. I'll think about it. I just hope my father would forgive me if I did this." She said sniffing a little.

Uthando: " chose to be cruel to some, and they found refuge in the West where they were taught how to be tough, how to deal with problems on their own. Some were born in the pride, and grow by example." he said. He wondered what he'd be like if he stayed with his pride.

Jode: Jode nodded " if I do join, wouldn't I have to prove my loyalty to Suma? I'm just so confused on what to do right now. A part of me wants to join you now and have you as my mate but another part of me wants me to just stay here in this 'cell ' and not betray my pride. And try to find a way to escape later." She explained trying to think.

Uthando: "If you try and excape you could be killed. They don't have mercy the second time around. And weather the loyalty is true is up to you alone. You can feign loyalty and find a way out later, but as a prisoner you won't be leaving. Think of it this way, I'm almost buying you a free ticket out." He almost felt guilty that he wouldn't let her go back should the mateship work. He would have her as his, and he wouldn't be able to if she leaves. He was just trying to find a way out for her so he could officially get her as a mate.

Jode: Jode closed her eyes and thought long and hard on what he was saying, he was right she could fake her loyalty to Suma and try to find a way to escape later. Her cubs would be born healthy in some kind of birthing den if they had one instead of this 'cell'. She opened her eyes " a few more things. If I were to join before I give birth is there a healer here or a birthing den that would help me give birth more easily than in this 'cell'? " she asked.

Uthando: "I have no idea, honestly. I keep to myself in the shadows away from everybody else...But cubs are born here all the time so I don't think you've got anything to worry about." He stayed far away from the pride members and usually hunted his own food. It let him kill things and he was able to hunt things that he could eat by himself

Jode: Jode nodded " and say you do become my mate. How would you think the idea of raising cubs?" She asked raising her eyebrow

Uthando: "Cub raising is a female's job. The male's job is to teach the male cubs how to fight. You teach them how to hunt." He didn't have to think hard on that one, that's how it worked in his old pride.

Jode: Jode sighed " and will you teach them well? Not punish them if they mess up or do something wrong?" She asked her tone getting serious.

Uthando: "Punishing them is how they become stronger. The world is cruel, and if they have no experience on how cruel it can be, they won't survive at all..." he said, remembering his intense training. The scar on his nose came from his father when he did something wrong.

Jode: Jode shook her head " come back tomorrow. I'll have my answer hopefully by then. Or in two days whatever. I'm feeling tired and I know the cubs are due any day now." She licked her belly.

Uthando: "Hm...fine." he said, standing up. He headed to the den exit, but turned. His eyes illuminated in the dark. "Just think about my offer."

Jode: Jode nodded " I will be thinking about it. Just go." She sighed as she rolled onto her side and took a deep breath.

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